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September 12th, 2011

Over the past two years this site has never been very far from my mind, but unfortunately I have had next to no time to devote to it. I keep hoping I’ll scare up some moments to finish the first chapter of my 2nd Ed campaign “Stones & Sigils,” but so far it hasn’t worked out and this site has remained silent.

Fortunately, Seann McAnally has come through with a very useful tool: a convenient online critical hit generator, complete with critical effects compiled from this site. Try it out, kick the tires a bit, and let us know what you think. Thanks, Seann!

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  1. Thanks to Jason Cotterrell and Ryan Ashmore for all the hard work on this…I just had the idea. 🙂 Thanks for putting it up, Chuck! If anyone gets use out of this, please let us know at seann.mcanally@gmail.com.

  2. Does not seem to work with IE8…

    I can hardly type in the number for the hit location and when I click on the type of damage, the page seems to refresh but nothing else happens…


  3. I’ve only ever used it in Firefox or Chrome. I’ll see if I can’t get one of the guys who actually built it to stop by and comment on this.

  4. Cool. I just decided to start a new WFRP2 campaign this week after a break of 3 years, and your crit tables were my favourite thing about the system. Thx. 🙂

  5. Didn’t have time to make sure it actually contains it all but if you say it does then I believe you. This is absolutely remarkable. Thank you very much!

  6. I love this! Only problem is that for some reason, on Winds of Chaos Ascending/Descending, it always shows the Dark Heresy results as well. I couldn’t find anywhere to contact the creator to let them know, maybe someone else can.

  7. Thanks for this and I’d like to add that it’s a relief to see you continue posting new material on the site!

    I’ve read your comment on the 3rd edition and I was a bit concerned, to be honest. Personally, I never viewed the editions as such a relevant factor, compared to the game world and the adventures therein. I’ve recently purchased pretty much the whole 3rd edition material so that I can start to GM for a new group again. Prior to that I had played the first edition for years and years, starting with game-mastering The Enemy Within campaign in the early 90s.

    To my mind, stats and rules are but a minor obstacle and good background material and campaigns in the grim and perilous world of the Empire are ‘timeless’ in the sense that they can be used for any edition.

    Therefore it makes a lot of sense to continue your project! If anything, the new edition has re-kindled the interest in WFRPG for many and it might get new (role-)players interested in it, too. New groups will probably start with the third edition and existing groups will continue with the second edition. What matters is that the Warhammer world is the same harsh, brutal and corrupted place it ever was, deeply saturated with black British humour.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  8. Please don’t do anything for 3e. It’s an abomination.

  9. This message was originally intended as an email. However, for some reason, I get an error when I attempt to use the email the site provides. I’ve enclosed the message I intended to email to Chuck:

    To Dr. Chuck Morrison.

    Hello Chuck.

    I have been reading through your site, and would like to compliment you on its content. The wound charts you and Dr. Josef worked on separately(?) are specially impressive. If it is not intrusive, I would like to correspond with about your interest and work with games.

    More specifically, I wonder if you would like to be involved with other game projects. Some friends and myself, who have been involved with a few game mods, are thinking of starting an original project.

    Thank you for reading this message. I hope it is not a bother to you.

  10. Hey I appreciate the thought, but I’m terribly busy right now. Good luck to you on your project!

  11. Thank you for replying.

    We share your sentiment, at this time of year. Currently, we’re helping other people with their mods – such as Hearts of Oak – until a stage where all involved have time to begin on the project.

    If you are curious, please feel free to contact me. Happy to answer anything you would like to know.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read this, and for wishing us luck. Hope all the best for you, and will let you get back to work.

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