New edition of WFRP?!

February 5th, 2018

*casts site necromancy spell*

Apparently Cubicle 7 has picked up the WFRP license and is already hard at work on a 4th edition of everyone’s favorite RPG. I am so far out of the loop nowadays I only recently became aware of it. As far as previous editions go, my favorite is v1 for the setting and v2 for the ruleset. I have no opinion on v3 since I never purchased anything for it — although I have to say I have heard some very good things from people who have actually sat down and played it.

As it is, I am cautiously optimistic about v4. Cubicle 7 is certainly saying all the right things, and the new cover is a clever throwback to the v1 hardback that caught my eye around 1987. Maybe it’s time to dust off those dice and get back into a regular gaming group while we wait for the official release.

Good lord. Has it really been 7 years since the site was last updated?

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  1. And boy-oh-boy, everybody related is hyped.
    We all went a long road for those 7 years.

  2. Crazy isn’t it? I will say that being away from WFRP for so long has rejuvenated my enthusiasm. I’m back to work on my Winds of Chaos campaign for the first time in nearly a decade (currently stripping out all the references to the Storm of Chaos), and excited about finishing its first scenario. I have a new group and our first game is this Saturday.

    And I can’t wait to purchase the 4th edition.

  3. Welcome Back! We missed you!

  4. I’m grateful that y’all still have this site up. I’ve been downloading like crazy and working on running a 2nd edition Enemy Within campaign.

    Here’s hoping that the 4th edition is at least as good. The world deserves Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

  5. Great ! I hope some nice campaigns !

  6. I’m amazed that through the 9 years since the last WFRP 2e book was released, this site has stayed up the entire time. Thanks man.

  7. Good to see that Winds of Chaos raise from the dead.

    Stay Alive!!!

  8. Thanks guys. The only time I considered taking it down was when I upgraded WordPress and it crashed the site. Fortunately I had all the files backed up but it was a bit of a chore reconstructing it. I hope to get some new material added soon.

  9. Preordered the book for when it comes out in June. Can’t wait to compare it to 2e and Zweihander

  10. Was just showing your site to a medical friend of mine… and was pleased to see a new post. Like the others, I feared your site might have been gone.

    Great to see you and hear news of the new edition of WFRP!

  11. Big fan of the site and happy that it’s active again.

    Thank you, and look forward to more cool content for grim and perilous adventures!

  12. Hey Chuck, we have a discord specifically for WFRP discussion. We would be honored to have you join. 🙂


  13. Chuck, some of us never stopped visiting… 😛

  14. I still regularly use your site, ressources of the highest quality! Thanks for keeping it alive.
    4th Edition looks promising so far. But I’m hoping for a german translation soon. It’s tedious to translate every single class, attribute, etc. during play.

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