Masquerade of Horrors

November 18th, 2009

So I’ve been looking around for ways to expand the site’s offerings without compromising the quality of the site. The perfect solution hit when Seann McAnally emailed me about Masquerade of Horrors, his award-winning entry for the 2005 BI Scenario Contest. He sent me a revised and updated version, which is up right now on the Scenario page, ready to be downloaded and enjoyed.

He’s hinted at sending me more scenarios in the near future, which given the quality of Masquerade of Horrors, I’d be honored to host as well. You might help encourage this process by leaving him some feedback on Masquerade in the comments.

4 comments to “Masquerade of Horrors”

  1. Exellent!
    Looking forward to more 🙂

  2. Possibly my favourite WFRP scenario.

    Though Noblesse Oblige is also possibly my favourite WFRP scenario.

    Have to choose between them was bloody hard work.

    Here’s my recipie for a great convention game – has worked for me a number of times.

    4-6 pregenerated characters representing the crew and passengers of a barge on their way from Marienburg to Altdorf. Invent a little backstory and a few inter-party conflicts and loyalties (nothing too serious).

    Run the first part of Masquerade of Horrors and give the party a chance to spot the watcher from the bank when they have found the valise.

    Next stop for the night at a riverside village, and run the scenario The Bigger they Are… by Mac Dara Mac Donnacha.

    Resolve it fairly quickly – be forgiving to the PCs and let their plans against the Ogre work unless they’re really silly. Give them rumours about the showboat whilst in that village.

    Have them travel another day and stop at a second village.

    Hit them with the second part of Masquerade of Horrors.

    This sould provide a good four hours of WFRP – the two scenarios are very different, but gel very well and together provide a great intro to the dangers of the Old World.

  3. I agree. I’m actually getting ready to run “The Bigger They Are” this evening. I may work in “Masquerade” as you’ve suggested. Awesome idea.

  4. […] can find the scenario on Chuck Morrison’s excellent “Winds of Chaos” webiste, as well as in my extensive WFRP collection. Check it out, you won’t be […]

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