New 4e Critical Effects from Josef Tham

October 1st, 2023

Good news everyone! You may remember Dr Tham as the author of the alternative critical effects for 2e that have become deservedly famous in WFRP circles for their detail and accuracy. Well, he has recently gotten re-involved in WFRP and just sent me 3 sets of Critical Effects for 4e: Cutting, Crushing, and Piercing, as well as an informative doc about rule interpretations and intent. You can find them here for now, until I figure out a way to add them to the Downloads page without messing up the formatting there.

Preface and Clarifications:

Wounds and Criticals in Practice:

Arrows and Bolts:




Flame & Energy:


Shrapnel and Shot:


Teeth and Claws:


UPDATE Oct 4 2023: The links have been updated to include the most recent versions.

UPDATE Oct 11 2023: The links have been added to the Downloads page.

UPDATE Nov 11 2023: Added all of the revised and new charts here.

UPDATE Nov 19 2023: Added Flame & Energy and revised Preface.

UPDATE Nov 23 2023: Added Unarmed and revised Preface.

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  1. Since the first three charts were published there have been additional charts made and the first versions modified and updated. If you want to follow the process you can read about it in the Forum section. The last and final chart and final update to the Preface and Clarifications document will arrive shortly. Once the Sling chart has appeared in the Downloads section you should check an extra time to make sure you have the latest versions of all the other charts and documents. Don’t forget to check that it’s the 4E versions you’ve clicked on, as the old 2E material is available as well.

  2. UPDATE: Please note that thanks to Voidmoji there is now a “Criticals All-in-One” PDF containing all the charts and clarifying documents, formatted in the 4E Rule Book style. So no need to download multiple documents anymore! For feedback there is thread in the WFRP 4th edition part of the Forum on this site.

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