March 15th, 2023

Hey everyone who may still be reading this. The long-awaited Lustria supplement for WFRP was just released and I wrote the chapter on “Quetza the Defiled.” All about the abandoned ruins of the once-great Temple City that fell to Clan Pestilens and other, darker things. I would really like to know what you think, since the supplement to Lustria has been a long time coming.

It even comes in a Collector’s Edition!

2 comments to “Lustria”

  1. I think it’s a spectacular book. In and of itself it is extremely well written, containing an absolute vast wealth of material to expand upon the setting in a massive way and make the whole continent feel so much more alive than ever before. And the content is of such great variety – lore, geography & history, culture, bestiary, diseases, quests & quest hooks aplenty, and the most detailed description we’ve ever had of the Lizardmen society, as well as the Vampire Coast & Skeggi.

    More than just that, it signals great and glorious things for the future of WFRP. We’re now six years into this edition and C7 is putting out books that are some of the best content this game has ever received in its entire history *and it’s 240 pages long*.

    It makes me very very happy that the game as a whole is in such good stead, in a favourable position that it can afford to take the apparent risk of a step like this.

    I’m very excited for what might, god only knows, be revealed in the future.

  2. Im really looking forward to seeing this supplement. Hopefully its gets enough tracktion to pursuade Cubivle7 to dvelve into even more!

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