Fan-made Character Folio

June 2nd, 2008

A while back — a long while back now — Robert Feuillerat sent me his creation: the first full-fledged fan-made WFRP character folio I’ve seen. Back then, Black Industries had its own folio for sale, and I didn’t want to step on any toes. So I sent it off to GW legal, but unfortunately never received a response.

Robert got back in touch with me just a few days ago with his revised version. Now that BI is defunct and their folio no longer actively supported, I don’t see any reason to withhold the work. You can find it in the Downloads section.

Robert has done a bang-up job, so if you’d like to share your kudos or if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact him at his email address, or leave some feedback at the FFG forums thread. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

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