April 20th, 2008

Does anyone remember Games Workshop’s Dungeon Floor Plans series?

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Reminiscent of that great series, Stephen Cranston and Simon Lloyd have designed some beautiful prints, so that your players may visualize the place where they lose all their Fate Points.

Cranston & Lloyd’s floorplans can be found in the Maps section. They are free to download, but are not to be redistributed or sold. An example of what you can do with the floorplans is below the fold.


3 comments to “Floorplans”

  1. Just lovley!

    I have been successfull in tracking down two of those sets, and it has certainly triggerd some mega-nostalgica in my group.

    These additons is a nice way of blending the places together with own stuff!

  2. wow, the Oldenhaller Contract never looked so good! what mini did you use for the beast of nurgle?!

  3. Thank you!

    Although it’s not on here, Jonas Whitespore managed to summon a Father Christmas cake decoration.

    The horror!

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