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July 10th, 2006

One of the nice things about running a website is the stuff you get sent entirely out of the blue. Josef Tham, a physician hailing from Sweden, has finished a complete set of Critical Hit Charts, based on my own, and granted permission to host them online. His tables include:

· Arrow & Bolt
· Blunt
· Bullet
· Cutting
· Energy & Flame
· Explosion & Shrapnel
· Piercing
· Teeth & Claw

These tables answer many of the requests I have received for more charts, and you’ll find that Josef’s tables are lengthier and more descriptive than my own.

I will, of course, continue working on my own tables (Firearms Effects are shaping up as I post this), as well as the “Winds of Chaos” campaign and another scenario. Busy times!

4 comments to “Complete Set”

  1. Good Stuff, might mix and match till your firearms are done , But thanks to you both for the time and effort. These tables have saved a vital element in my campaign.

  2. I appreciate the comments. I’m still working on the Firearms table and hope to get to the Spell/Energy table soon. Other projects are pressing now, so I fell like I’m being pulled in too many directions at once.

    But rest assured, I’m working!

  3. I might add that since the tables were originally posted, both minor and major modifications have been made, including one major one of most of the tables a few weeks ago. Make sure you have the latest version.

  4. I should append a “version 2.0” on these tables — and I will as soon as I recover from the carpal tunnel induced by typing all of Josef’s modifications. 😉

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