Enemy Within for WFRP2?

May 15th, 2006

Headquartered in the heart of the Empire, Patrick Fungerlings has done some fine work converting NPCs from the 1st Edition Enemy Within campaign to 2nd Edition statlines and backgrounds, and he’s granted me permission to host the files. So if you have Enemy Within and want your v2 players to enjoy the best campaign ever written, save yourself hours of effort and download the v2-compatible TEW NPCs here.

Also, the Downloads section was getting cluttered, so I’ve given the maps a place of their own.

UPDATE: The TEW NPC Conversions have been reformatted and all the names and locations now match their English-version equivalents. If there’s any demand for the Reikspiel versions, let me know and I’ll put those up too.

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  1. Hey there, im just wondering if the Reikspiel version you mentioned, somehow reflect the german names of the NPc in any better way then the English.

    Just because I use the german version Adventure Books of TEW.

    And, by the way is there a Chart for TEW 3 Power behind the Throne?

  2. Cheers, Thomas! The Reikspiel versions can be found here (they’re in Word format instead of pdf, so you’ll need to have Microsoft Word to read them):


    Patrick is working on v2 conversions for Power Behind the Throne, but he’s a very busy man. I’ll post here when I receive the finished files.

  3. Wow, how do you understand the Reikspiel Version, without a dictionary and the Informations in the Brackets. Its much simpler to connect the NPCs to the ones in the Adventure now 🙂

    And will there be convesions of Shadows over Kislev? Not that we are as sligth as far as Bögenhafen, but I m still curious if they will be in the Future.

    And for all of you who are tired of Micro$oft, I recommend OpenOffice. (www.openoffice.org)

  4. Hi there!

    Sorry, there won’t be a conversion for SRiK as I don’t own that book.

    But for the time being, I will soon start converting PbtT…

    And then, well, maybe EiF and/or EaW, we’ll see.

    And what do you think of the conversions? Are they of any use? Any comments are welcome!

    Greetings from a Reiklander

  5. All this puts on the guard.

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