On the Resurrection of WFRP

February 25th, 2008

Things move fast in the roleplaying world. A few days ago, GW announced that the license to WFRP (and WH40k) has passed to Fantasy Flight Games. I don’t know anything about FFG, but what I’ve read seems promising.

The fact that WFRP will continue to be officially supported in any capacity is excellent news for all of us. I wish FFG the best of luck, and congratulations. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

3 comments to “On the Resurrection of WFRP”

  1. Excellent! That is good news and quite fast indeed!

  2. I have some of the stuff that FFG has done and I think that they can do a great job at this setting. I just hope that they will not have the issues that Hogshead had in trying to get new content released.

    I also with that they would have gotten Space Hulk as I would love to see this game get a face lift and then re-released.

  3. I’m hoping that WFRP won’t take a distant second to Dark Heresy in terms of attention and number of releases, but that’s probably what’s going to happen. Still, one or two supplements a year is better than none at all.

    A revamped Space Hulk would have been amazing.

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