Alternative Crit Charts

October 12th, 2006

Josef sent me revamped versions of the main crit charts, which follow the lethality of the chart in the WFRP rulebook and should shorten combats considerably. I’d like some feedback on these charts, because if there’s enough call for it I’ll offer similar versions of my own.

You can find them at the usual place in Josef’s section.

6 comments to “Alternative Crit Charts”

  1. I honestly prefer the first version of Josef’s crit chart. Makes for a more gruesome story telling.

  2. Good to know. Thanks, Ron.

  3. Cool site, I have usede Josef crit and is quite happy about them tho I had consider them a bit to lethal (but i usede them anyway), ill have a look into the new set and try them om some players (they like it, i think) and give a comment if I rember it, cheers

  4. Great tables, I toned them down just a bit, so it is not possible to die on a plus one and almost impossible to live on a plus 10.

  5. Hey, Tony, you did see my new alternative main chart? It more or less follows the old rulebook chart as far as the lethality goes. You don’t die on the +1 or +2 Crit Value results but the lethality takes a rapid increase after that and it truly is impossible to live after taking a +10 Crit Value hit.

  6. Hello and thanks for making your tables available. I’m about to run WFRP again for the first time in many years(1st edition), & I’d always wished for tables covering the variety of attack forms I have found here. Should be a hoot! (broo-har-haaar) Just wanted to let you know I appreciate ’em.

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