Critical Hit Chart Updates

August 18th, 2006

Three quick updates for the Critical Hit portion of the Downloads Section:

1) In response to feedback I’ve received from several quarters, I’ve added a critical hit chart that follows the conventions of v2. This means that you now have the option of downloading a chart for both my effects and Josef’s effects whose crits get nastier the lower you roll, just like the chart found in the core book. Of course, you can still download the old, ascending charts (still my favorite!).

2) If you haven’t checked Josef’s crits in a while, he’s made major revisions on nearly every one. I’m going to go through and start implementing a version system if and when he makes any more major updates. For now, consider the current charts to be “version 2.0.”

3) Joseph has added a new critical hit chart specifically designed for use during combats with large monsters. Take a look, it’s available now.

5 comments to “Critical Hit Chart Updates”

  1. First, fantastic critical charts and thank you for developing and compiling them.

    Second, my group has run into an interesting difficulty: Entangling weapons like the whip or bola, while they do little damage relative to other weapons, may result in criticals.

    Also, the Things-catcher from the Horned Rat does not specify a type of damage, what do you think is appropriate?

    Have you given any thought to developing a whip/entablging critical chart?


    Semper Septem

  2. I have indeed given some thought to creating a whip/entangling Critical Chart — someone posted exactly that request at the BI Forums not too long ago. I’d like to get Firearms and Spell/Energy Criticals out of the way first, but a Whip Chart is on the list down the road. Josef is so fast with his lists that he just might beat me to it.

    As for the Things-Catcher, which has a semicircular row of sharp, teeth-like protrusions affixed to a pole — Josef’s Piercing Crits are probably most apt, or you could modify my own Bladed Crits to suit.

  3. Afraid I’m not really planning on writing any Entangling chart, at least not in the foreseeable future. A whip would require a chart where you can open up wounds and take out an eye etc, while a bola would do no such thing. The Things-Catcher would be different from that, and so on. It would require either separate charts or a rather confused chart describing the tangling effect (“Leg #6 – You tangle his legs and sweep him off his feet. Apart from the Ag tests to avoid being trapped he’ll also have to pass a Routine T test or be knocked unconscious as his head slams into the floor”) with extra notes for the various effects of a particular weapon (“If your weapon was a Things-Catcher, you also rake his lower legs with the spikes, causing him a penalty of -1 to M for the duration of the combat”). Some results would feature wildly different effects depending on the weapon (“Head #10 – Whip: Your opponent is counted as automatically having passed his Ag test to avoid being trapped, but the tip of your weapon takes out one of his eyes. He counts as stunned for d10 turns and then suffers a penalty of -20% to all tests for the duration of the combat. His BS and any sight-related Perception tests, including any bonus for Talents, are halved permanently. Bola or Net: Your weapon wraps itself tightly around your opponent’s neck, preventing him from breathing. He counts as automatically having failed his Ag test to avoid being trapped, counting any attempt to disentagle himself as Hard and must pass a T test to avoid falling unconscious from lack of air each turn he fails to. Things-Catcher: Your opponent counts as automatically having failed his Ag test to avoid being trapped and is dragged to the ground, suffering a badly twisted neck. The pain makes him suffer a penalty of -20% to all WS, BS, Ag and S tests, the penalty dropping to -10% after one week, and to zero after two weeks”). See why I’m not planning to embark on this anytime soon, especially considering that none of my players are using an entangling weapon? Sorry.

  4. I love both yours and Josef’s crit charts but have decided to go with yours just due to the fact that each one will fit on a double sided page. That makes them much easier to use in a game. I hope you find the time to work up the other weapon types that Josef has done.

  5. Things have slowed down a bit here as life intervenes (it’s our busiest season at the clinic now), but I am working on three different WFRP projects at the moment:

    1) a new scenario that I couldn’t finish in time for the BI Contest
    2) a campaign called “Stones & Sigils”
    3) a character sheet

    No telling which of these I’ll finish first. In the meantime, I do hope to move onto other crit charts. I think Spell/Energy crits are next in the hopper.

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