Blunt Criticals

May 2nd, 2006

The first draft of the Blunt critical hit effect tables are finally finished and can be found here, along with the main critical hit chart and the bladed criticals. I took a slightly different approach to these tables by adding some new results and making the effects a little harder to avoid, especially at the higher levels. As always, I’m open to suggestions and would love to hear what people think. One thing in particular that bothers me is that the “Blunt” category includes both staffs and warhammers, but I have a hard time seeing a staff, for instance, crush someone’s pelvis. It bothers me, but I’m not sure what, if anything, to do about it.

Next up (after a short rest): Arrows & Bolts.

4 comments to “Blunt Criticals”

  1. Printed them out and used them when I play tested some combat house rules tonight with some friends. The criticals worked great and again thank you for your time and effort . Looking forward to the piercing crits.

  2. Another great chart – my favourites here are the internal hemorrhaging that seems to have no effect until the chap drops dead, and the knee that stiffens up before a storm.

  3. Once again solid work. I’ll definitely be incorporating these into my game when you have them finished.

  4. Thanks all, for the feedback. Now that I’ve had a bit of a respite (who knew these things would be so much work?) I’m hunkering down to work on the Piercing Crits. Shouldn’t be long now …

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