joe.caffeinated’s Inns of the Empire

June 19th, 2008

Have your PCs ever stood in front of a tavern, squinting at the shingle to read the faded print, while you cast about in a desperate search for an appropriately WFRPish name for that establishment?

joe.caffeinated does you one better. He constructs the entire inn for you, complete with number of beds, price of food and drink, and even gives ideas for events within — based on Henrik Gronberg’s wonderfully detailed Liber Fanatica article and the fantasy names found at hackslash.net, all wrapped in a gorgeous Web 2.0 interface.

So head on over to Inns of the Empire and kick the tires. It’s the kind of thing I wish I had back when I was actively GMing, and it’s one of the first places I’ll go when I take it up again.

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  1. That’s cool! But a shame it doesn’t work in firefox…

  2. […] Chuck at Winds of Chaos gave the GM tool Inns of the Empire a very favorable review! […]

  3. @Olive: Wha? Doesn’t work in Firefox? :::buzzer sound::: It was developed first in Firefox, corrected for IE6 and IE7; not the other way around. It should work flawlessly in Firefox and Safari. IE6 has both cosmetic and CSS problems that need to be addressed.

    Can you elaborate? Contact me directly with the problems you are experiencing!

  4. Found the problem. Seems the use of “source” in the query (for tracking in Google Analytics) is creating some problem for the YUI. Not sure exactly what, but I’m investigating.

    Until then, just drop the query parameter and it works! Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Well, the “source=word” is not the problem.

    The problem seems to be a caching problem. Clear the cache directly, or use “super refresh” (usually metakey+R or Shift+F5).

    Thanks for everyone that is “kicking the tires.”

  6. It works for me in Firefox (3) now, so whatever it was did the trick. It’s always worked in Safari.

  7. Wow, that thing is amazing. Solid work!

  8. It’s me, “joe.caffeinated.” I took my old site down (it’s all backed up though). A friend recently started a WFRP 4e game and I’ve been digging around all my haunts and found this post.

    While it may be some time before I get Another Caffeinated Day back online, I have a working Docker container of this tool handy. I’ll publish it soon to Docker Hub., until then the code is available on GitLab’s Docker registry.

    Code, https://gitlab.com/another15y/inn-generator
    Image, docker pull registry.gitlab.com/another15y/inn-generator:master

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