End Times: Nagash - the 'Ugly'

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Toby Pilling
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1. Pegasus droppings - I wish I'd thought of this in my own Bretonnian campsign. A flyover of Pegasus knights could make quite the unintended impression on watchers below!

2. Brass Keep - I quite like the way that during the End Times incursion, some completely wacky things happen out of nowhere. That a major Bretonnian city turns overnight into a Brass Keep (one imagines dedicated to Khorne) is quite a nice touch, in some ways. Not something one could run with in a normal campaign, though.

3. Undead fodder - we're so used to seeing and imagining undead humans (skeletons, zombies and ghosts mostly) that it is good to be reminded that perhaps the main source of necromantic material is inhuman. There are plenty of zombie orcs and skaven in the book, which makes sense to me - what are their burial rights, one wonders? I guess those races consume each other merrily, but after defeat by humanity or dwarves one imagines a mass of bodies that, if not burned in pyres, will just be left to rot. Why aren't there skaven and orc ghouls, though? One imagines they must have some form of 'soul' for them to be reanimated. Can true creatures of chaos be re-animated, such as chaos warriors or beastmen?
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Toby Pilling wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:31 am
Can true creatures of chaos be re-animated, such as chaos warriors or beastmen?
Yes, for Chaos Warriors at least. The most famous example being Krell, some-time ally of Heinrich Kemmler:

Not sure about beastmen.
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Orin J.
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the skeletons thing is one of those places where minis sculpting overrode the lore in a bad way, but skaven, beastmen, and greenskins were all fair game for raising as zombies and skellies. so were large things like ogres and horses but this barely got brought up on tabletop so most people didn't know. it's canoncial that greenskins and skaven don't have funeral rites (unless you count eating the dead) so they're actually easier to raise as mindless undead than most properly buried sorts, if a bit gnawed on.

the old skeleton sprue actually has beastmen skulls! with two choices of horns! they didn't get used by most people though, they were most interesting as decorations in other models.
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