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L4P: Looking for a player to join our current game, The Game itself is on mIRC but we are thinking of moving it on discord; for now we're still on IRC.

The Game is on Sundays, starting 8PM EST going on until 11:30 PM. We curecntly have 4 players, but one has a rather hecktic work schedule, so he is missing most of the time, and with only 3 players, we have to call a session if there's a single missing player (playing with 2 players sorta gets things go too slow)

The party is nearing the end of their Second Level (Career?) and going on thier 3rd.

Looking for a player who can be available with that schedule. Party is Warrior-Priest of Sigmar, Elven Grey Order Wizard, and Human River Warden. The 4th is a Cavalryman, but his scheduling is getting things hard for him to be around.
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