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The enemy lurks in shadows
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So me and my party are going to start playing 4th edition. I rolled a human apprentice wizard. I´ve read through the spells and the different lores but I can´t make up my mind on what I should play.

I´m leaning towards Heaven's lore because I like how they look, (I have never played a wizard in wfrp before). But my GM tells me that bright is the strongest by far.

I'm still not sure and I think that all magics sounds good/useful except shadow lore. Please give me some arguments for a specific lore or just a summary of them.
Can´t find much info about it online but I´m really hyped to play 4th edition.

(Give me some arguments or just convince me for a lore, it's bugging me a lot and I'm just so goddamn indecisive) :(
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Orin J.
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celestial lore. because you think it looks cool and looking cool and confident is better than actually casting spells a lot of the time.
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Pick the one you want and makes you happy to play. I don't think the differences between various color wizards is anywhere near as big as the differences between 'wizard' and 'non-wizard.' All wizards in WFRP4 share a large list of spells, anyway.
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Akrasia on Dicord wrothe that list recently:

Alright, magic tier list
S: Blue, Red
A: Gold, Grey
B: Green
C: Amber, White
D: Purple
S: Blue and Red magic both allow you to gain arbitrarily large bonuses to casting, and have strong and varied spell lists. Blue magic can also apply arbitrarily large bonuses to non-magic tasks, which is huge. But accumulating large casting bonuses with Red is significantly more practical mid-combat, and Red Magic has a significantly wider range of Lore spells
A: Gold and Grey don’t allow arbitrary casting bonuses, but they have amazing unique lore powers that each nullify a major weakness of magic, AND they both nullify Armor. Coupled with extremely solid lore spell lists, these are excellent Lore choices.
B tier: Green magic. Green magic goes here mostly on the strength of Regeneration. It’s spell list is good, but not spectacular, but the ability to nullify lasting effects of critical and ensure that the party goes into every encounter feeling their best, and to laugh off Fatigued conditions, is enough to push the otherwise merely “fine” green magic spell list into actively good territory. Green Magic would be higher on the list, but with so much of its power wrapped up in a single spell, it’s a lot easier to get the benefits without actually taking Arcane Magic: Green.
C: Amber and White are both okay. They have solid spells in their Lore and decent lore bonuses, but don’t have anything to really push them over the top like other Lores.
In a more sandboxy game, Amber magic can be stupid powerful.
The Beast Master spell lets you, with no opposed test at all, turn any creature the Bestial trait into your loyal servant.
That includes Hydras, Wyverns, Manticores, Hippogryphs, and more.
If you’re playing a campaign where you have the chance to build a menagerie of semimagical fuckery, Amber is real good.
D: Purple magic just... isn't all that good. Purple Pall of Shyish appears good, but with it's short duration and high CN, it really isn't all that practical to use when you actually need it. It's only good spell is Soul Vortex, and it's Lore Bonus is also bad.

Many others said, the White/Light should be in a far higher tier and there were many other discussions and opinions of course. In the end it depends on the personal style and the focus of the campaign what works best. I have a Grey Wizard in the group and this works really good in my view, as he can work very well undercover (i.e. he runs around in normal greyish traveling clothes and is not even recognizable as a wizard to most). Even though some players in the group tease him that he should have rolled a "proper wizard", his spells are quite effective and even his magic missiles are a powerhouse as they disregard the targets armour...
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Thanks for the great replies! I´m really looking forward to playing a wizard now, gl and thanks for the help!
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First of all - choose whatever lore suits your character idea. The one that you will have fun playing with. Thats the most important criteria.

Still i would disagree with the list. I find lore bonuses of green and purple lores pretty powerful.
With WH4 combat system (advantage, opposing tests and talents that "fire" when you roll under your skill lvl) every -10 is valuable (much more then +1 SL). Therefore giving enemy Fatigued condition (purple) or "healing' it (green) has a big effect on combat (and every purple spell will give Fatigued condition, and every green will cancel one).
Green cancels also bleeding condition - and bleeding is one of the easiest way to die in WH4.
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Every lore is useful in their own way. Pick whichever one looks the most fun or most in line with your character concept, they're all equally viable.

Tier lists like that tend not to take adaptability and utility into consideration, and to that end, I agree with Jakhtur that there are some very strong cases to be made for Green and Purple winds.
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To add another point of view - i think its bad idea to value magic just becouse of dmg output. Magic is much more that wounds you can deal. Possiblility of flying or opening every lock gives much more then possibility of dealing dmg (where warriors/archers should excel). Even spells like that give you "frightening" trait can influence the battlefield much more then a fireball.
It can depend on GM, but i think that a illusion spell can have tremendus power, even during combat. Maybe you summon illusion of dragon and chase enemies off. Maybe you create illusion of bridge over a chasm - a perfect way to attack you. Just look as your enemies charge and fall dawn.
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Choose the school to fit your character.

Anyway, why choose simple, limited Wizardry when Lord Slaanesh offers both magic and the most exquisite pleasures of this realm and infinite others?
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SigmariteOrWrong wrote:
Fri Mar 27, 2020 7:03 pm
why choose simple, limited Wizardry when Lord Slaanesh offers both magic and the most exquisite pleasures of this realm and infinite others?
Lol. To that end, why go color when the 'Witch!' talent lets you get any spell in any color you want? Mix n' Max. And, you get bleeding as a side effect, which is strong. Just don't forget the gerbil guts...
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