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While I've submitted it for Errata already, I'd like to discuss the Concoct Talent.

Tests: Lore (Apothecary)
You are skilled at making potions, philtres, and draughts on the go. You may take one free Crafting Endeavour to use Lore (Apothecary) without need of a Workshop. Other Crafting Endeavours use the normal rules.

Since the only careers that get the Talent are Apothecary and Herbalist, and the second career doesn't get the Requisite skill, I pretty damned sure it should be Lore (Medicine) tests to make a potion, philtre or draught.

Or rather, instead, the Talent should be allowed to be used with a variety of skills... Lore (Apothecary), Lore (Herbs), and perhaps Lore (Medicine).
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i think it's just there to make lore (Apothecary) more valuable, actually. herbs and medicine both have more readily obvious uses and wider applications after all. dip into learning the skill on the side, like it allows in the book, and then take the talent.

seem convoluted and meaningless? so does most of this edition.
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