All the Roysten Crow WFRP material

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All the adventures, supplements, articles, artwork, campaigns, maps and fiction I wrote.

Sky Leviathan (previously unreleased, with oodles of artwork and maps) ... JMIDa?dl=0

Warpspawn (Skaven novel) ... n.doc?dl=0

Realms of Sorcery (alternate edition) ... y.doc?dl=0

Small Articles
Expanded rules for insanity, drinking, drowning, fighting under water, purring, swimming, vampires, weather, and a complete business gazetteer, and some small encounters. ... XrTZa?dl=0

The Tainted Heart ... cKpBa?dl=0

The Wrath of Patnik ... k.doc?dl=0

Lowebrau ... m0Aia?dl=0

Night of the Nosfera-trolls ... 39uqa?dl=0

Shadowgrounds ... 9-FFa?dl=0

A Half Hearted Sigh ... h.doc?dl=0

C.L.A.W.S ... S.doc?dl=0

The Daemon of Dresschler ... r.doc?dl=0

Death in the Fog ... g.doc?dl=0

Fragments of Twilight Campaign

Part 1: Fragments of Twilight ... 2RrPa?dl=0

Part 2: The Ulthuan Keys ... R3Hua?dl=0

Part 3: Blood Reign ... EibDa?dl=0

Part 4: Drachenfels 2 ... G-v5a?dl=0

Part 5: The Chaos Foundry ... OiiAa?dl=0

Part 6: The Shadow Crusade ... NQdva?dl=0

Lustria Campaign

Part 1; Run Through the Jungle ... nhOia?dl=0

Part 2: The Map ... dW0ja?dl=0

Part 3: The Ruin of Kwetzelle Sakatanaga ... qn9Wa?dl=0

Part 4: The Quest of Lord Bathryll ... 4FBba?dl=0

Part 5: The Crimson Cutlass ... Mutua?dl=0

Part 6: The Vault of Beeobitiknh ... SAZoa?dl=0

Part 7: The Curse of Port Heldenhammer ... jGrGa?dl=0

Part 8: The Power and the Glory ... NOPsa?dl=0

Part 9: Spare the Rod ... qXTBa?dl=0

Part 10: Colony of the Damned ... 6FZLa?dl=0

Part 11: Plague Storm ... b4yba?dl=0

Part 12: The Bretonnians are Coming ... YwcQa?dl=0

Part 13: Trouble in Dead-town ... u1qsa?dl=0

Part 14: Death to the Heathens ... obHCa?dl=0

Part 15: The Unveiling ... bf08a?dl=0

Part 16: The Silent City ... G4Vla?dl=0

Part 17: A Dash of Genocide ... E_SCa?dl=0
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A fine collection of material that I have often referred too: Both when playing and writing my own stuff.
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Thank you very much, excellent material!
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good to see these available again, for those who didn't get them first time around.
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Awesome stuff!

Thanks for sharing!

I don't think I've ever seen this stuff before, which is strange considering how long I've been interested in and collecting WFRP material.....
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These are for 1e right?
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PencilBoy99 wrote: Sat Sep 26, 2020 10:16 pm These are for 1e right?
Yes, they are.
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