Skavens of Bitter Moors

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I’m absent-mindedly planing on GMing a campaign I brewed a few years back; it deals with small Skaven community Under-Bitter Moors. Some of the stuff I’ve written for it was published at the Daily Empire (back in 2015 or 2016?) but some of it hasn’t seen the light of the webs.

Now I was considering of doing something along the lines of world wide campaign. As in set starting point for a campaign that would be updated if/when any group playes through a mission. Skaven would be perfect for this since backstabbing and misinformation are their flesh and bones. And since we all know that all Skaven plans will inevitably fail there shouldn’t be too much of a problem of groups messing with other groups.

I’m not expecting this kind of campaign to have loads of participants but I would be very interested in finding out if it adds anything to the story. This kind of a game should also be easy to play with any edition of WFRP or with any other system.

Anyone interested?
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