My hopes and expectations for WFRP4 (repost)

Cubicle 7 // 2018
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Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:51 am

Just realized that while I posted this at StS I didn't transfer it here to WoC.

(I did post it at but since the moderation there makes it hard to discuss a game in anything else than a positive light, I hesitate to revisit that thread)
capnzapp wrote:
At the time I write this, almost nothing is known (at least to me) about Cubicle 7's upcoming new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. I thought I'd make a numbered list of things I want for the game, so I can go back in two (?) months' time to see how well the actual result stacks up.

The only further ado is this: I am assuming a game that draws heavily upon 2E specifically in mechanics. As such, 2E is my starting-point. If that assumption proves false, all bets are off.

Choosing between moving and attacking has been fixed, ie eliminated or heavily curtailed. In fact, hopefully the focus lies on what you can do in addition to making your attack(s) and moving about a bit; in essence making the unimaginative player that just wants to stand there and whack lose out on the extras and the flourishes :)
You can stay in an (advanced) career, ie no more switching to Sea Captain just because that's the only way to advance your Int or whatever
2E toned down the importance of armor (compared to 1E). C7 improves support for "skirmishers" (lightly armored melee combatants) even further.
The blanket assumption all trained arcane casters share the exact same education is scrapped totally. Specifically: you can be a Wizard without having visited Altdorf or even having heard of the Colleges.
2E toned down the battle focus of arcane magic (compared to 1E). C7 improves support for non-overt casters even further. This includes balancing spells for more than their combat utility.
4E acknowledges playability as the primary focus for healing rules. That is: don't make me choose between "natural" healing (too slow for 90% of published adventures) and "magic" healing (too fast and too cheap).
4E introduces separate subsystems for Insanity and Corruption with a focus on subtle and gradual descent rather than sudden unplayably debilitating effects.
4E reintroduces the monetary system of 1E: 1 gold crown = 20 silver shillings = 240 brass pennies :)
4E is the definitive "Enemy Within Edition": GW allows C7 to completely sever the ties to the now-defunct tabletop game and its larger-than-life hero focus, allowing the game to be described completely from the seminal campaign's perspective: without any references to über-elves, the plainly fascistoid "I'm Emperor because I can whup your ass" idea, or childish Arthurian Brettonia.
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Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:05 am

I'm not very familiar with 2E mechanics, so I'm curious: did 2E actually "tone down the importance of armor" compared to 1E? In 1E armour was almost useless while Toughness made a huge difference - hence the infamous "Naked Dwarf Syndrome". Did that get even worse in 2E?
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Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:22 am

Stat increases to Toughness were more rare in 2nd Edition.
Also, the change to D10 combined with the fact that you could keep rolling for damage on the roll of a 10 limited the Naked Dwarf Syndrome somewhat.
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