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Have folk being using crafting much in game? We have a character that has started making guns for the party.

We've been looking over the Crafting Endeavour rules on p197 and the Item, Weapon, and Armor Qualities on p292-301.
I'm nutting out some late night thoughts on it.

Item Qualities & Flaws seem to come in three categories.

General Qualities, p292, that could apply to anything.
General Item Qualities - Durable, Fine, Lightweight, Practical.
General Item Flaws - Ugly, Shoddy, Unreliable, Bulky.

Weapon Qualities, p297, that apply to weapons, mostly an innate part of it's design,
Weapon Item Qualities - Accurate, Black Powder, Blast, Damaging, Defensive, Distract, Entangle, Fast, Hack, Impact, Impale, Penetrating, Pistol, Precise, Pummel, Repeater, Shield, Trap Blade, Unbreakable, Wrap.
Weapon Item Flaws - Dangerous, Imprecise, Reload, Slow, Tiring.

Armour Qualities, p300, that apply to Armour, mostly an innate part of it's design,
Armour Item Qualities - Flexible, Impenetrable.
Armour Item Flaws - Partial, Weakpoints.

For Crafting Endeavours, Upping/Reducing the required SL of the Exteneded Crafting test allows you to add Qualities/Flaws to items.
In general I take this to mean general item qualities, but for certain cases I'd certainly allow particular qualities. Some I would require additional linked tests for Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemistry or other skills to apply.

Lets say...
Hack, might be added to a particularly vicious Hand Weapon.
Trap Blade added to a hand weapon, or even a shield, to represent a sword-catcher hilt, or a wooden edge designed to catch a blade.
Accurate to a Black Powder weapon with a rifled barrel and well fitted shot.
Reload Flaw, I can see it as an added flaw to normal missile weapon, increasing its reload rating because it us unwieldy or ungainly to load. Similarly a better design might allow faster reloading.
Impale added onto a fine bladed dagger, a Misericord.

Unbreakable I'd allow for artefact weapons blessed by the Gods, perhaps Meteoric Iron, Dragonscale, Chaos Artefacts of great Power... rare as hens teeth, requires special epic materials too, and extremely unlikely until campaign end.

More than anything else, I'm wondering if folk have had a crack at figuring out their own comprehensive crafting rules.
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i fiddled with making weapons and came to the general conclusion that the game mechanics are too hazy in nature to make any concrete rules for crafting. your best bet for balance and gameplay's sake it to ask them to design what the weapon IS and then assign it properties yourself, the system gets very silly fast.

i've made a small collection of weapons and unique traits earlier that might interest you in having options for developing:
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