Redesigned, form fillable WFRP character sheet

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I thought I'd drop by to share this character sheet I made. After a few months of play I'm loving 4th edition, but not loving the character sheet. So I made a new one that puts things that belong together next to each other, and de-emphasises the things (mostly numbers) you don't need. You can even upload a portrait. ... ter-sheet/

Still on the todo list. A tick box for halfling wound calculations and a separate sheet for magic users, because you shouldn't be giving a sixth of your page over to something less than a quarter of your players will need...
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Tue Sep 17, 2019 5:17 am

Looks solid and serviceable.

I'll play around with it later this evening.

Thanks for posting.
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Now with added tick box for halfling wound calculations!
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Good stuff. I saw that someone had created google docs spreadsheet for characters that was very powerful and useful, but not so much for an actual session's play. This looks like striking a nice balance.
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