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Toby Pilling
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Greetings all!

It's that time of year again when I announce that TOBCON will taking place on the August Bank Holiday weekend (26th/27th). All are welcome to GM or play a game of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

There's not much more to add than that - the venue remains the community centre in Northfields, West London. New attendees are as welcome as old.

Feel free to PM me for more details/

I hope you are all well and I look forward to seeing you in the height of the British summer!

Chat soon.

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Toby Pilling
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Greetings all,

Everything is set for TOBCON on the August Bank Holiday weekend.(26th/27th). It looks like we've got enough GMs for three games on each slot on Saturday, with two or three per slot on Sunday, which is not a problem, as we often have less players on the Sunday.

If you haven't got in touch with me yet and would like to attend, do let me know. Attendance is not compulsory for both days, so if you are local (London-based) and just want to turn up on the Saturday, that is fine.


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Toby Pilling
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Greetings all!

Here you go - the programme for Tobcon at the end of August. The weekend is fully booked, I'm afraid, so those who have already contacted me are the only ones we can cope with. Of course, Shadowcon is also taking place in the same venue, so there will be other gaming opportunities going on.

Could all attendees let me know their order of preferences for games, please.



TOBCON 5 Timetable

SAT AM (10am-2pm)

The Prince is Lost
GM: The Dark Knight of the Twisted Moon

The slums of Trantio are alive with rumours and speculation. It is claimed that Gioventino Fragola has made an offer to Cancro, the Mendicante Prince, for closer working between their two organisations. The benefits for the Fragola Syndic are obvious, an army of informants and look-outs already on the streets but practically unnoticed by the mass of citizens. What, however, does the Invisible Guild stand to gain?
The Upright Men seem split on the proposal, whilst the Churches of Ranald and Shallya, both usually friends to the mendicantes are up in arms at a suggestion of an alliance with the violent syndic. Their priests seek an audience with the Mendicante Prince and are speaking to the street beggars to build an alliance against the compact. They are not the only one's agitating amongst the Invisible Guild's membership; is a power grab in the offing? Meanwhile, the Watch seems to have increased their oppression; have they heard about the proposal? If so, they would certainly move to prevent it becoming a reality.
Will Cancro accept the offer? Is it one he can refuse?

This scenario will probably be run using WFRP Classic Edition.

2 Carts 2 Furious

GM: Rob Rees

Two carts of pipeweed need to be delivered to Nick Furious or there'll be hell to pay. Only problems are the sheriff has got his eye on you, the Imperial occupier Maddius Maxim has allegedly had the dwarven engineers whip him up an black as night steam carriage and you promised you'd be there for your kid's flower dance performance. This is one delivery that is going to need more than a lump of sugar for the ponies.

Custom system based around carting, family and sick tricks.

The Lachrymose Lighthouse
GM: Dan Gooch

It’s autumn on the Sea of Claws. The ‘Breath of Stromfels’, a seasonal thick sea fog, has rolled over the shore, obscuring jagged rocks, muffling sounds, and making navigation of the treacherous waters almost impossible. The locals are expecting several ships laden with cattle & provisions to be traded for the autumn harvest. But the local lighthouse, vital to navigate safely to shore, has inexplicably gone dark. The characters are employed to row out to the desolate rocky outcrop the lighthouse sits atop, some five miles out to sea, to find out what’s happened to the lamplighters who crew it, and start the light burning brightly again.

Uses 4th edition WFRP

SAT PM (3pm-7pm)

Undercover Against the Kaiser
GM: Theo

For years, a bandit by the name of the Black Kaiser has terrorised the landowners of Ostermark. One village, Rabenstok, has so far been left alone, perhaps because of its religious significance as a centre of Rhyan worship. But reports say that there will be an attack this harvest festival. You are Roadwardens sent to the village incognito to avoid alerting the Kaiser’s sympathisers and informants in the population. You must make contact with the village authorities, and help them organise a defence of the village in such a way as to capture or kill the Black Kaiser.

Uses 4th Edition WFRP

The Creeping that Came to the Konigplatz
GM: Dave Allen

The Empire is currently in a period of instability and conflict, and in Altdorf’s the city’s revolutionaries are agitating for change. These earnest ideologues address pressing issues, but disagreements between factions eat up their energies, and most regular city folk find them an entertaining or annoying distraction. A spate of strange events has been occurring around the Konigplatz, several people have been reported to have been seized by a sudden compulsion to act recklessly or violently. The authorities suspect the involvement of the agitators, but as of yet the watch have not been able to identify a credible suspect. In the meantime, life in the busy capital goes on…
4th edition WFRP

Sommerfest Kids
GM: Steven Hanlon

The famous Middenheim Carnival is in full swing. The streets are packed with locals and visitors, bawds and hawkers, swindlers and performers. Merchants shake hands on million crown deals over pressed white table cloths, while political operators conspire as they drink brandy in smoke filled rooms. Meanwhile, the city is a powder keg, tensions ramped up dangerously by the Graf’s new taxes.

None of this matters so much to you, a small group from the rabble of underpaid and under appreciated teens that keep the carnival going. You fetch and carry, sell wares, serve customers, wash dishes, stable horses and do a hundred other dirty, difficult jobs. On one hand, knuckling down to bosses’ and parents’ expectations will earn you some coins, coins that mean opportunity and freedom. On the other is the anarchic carnival spirit, pushing you towards rebellion and tempting you to give your boss the finger and walk out.

System: Mall Kids by Matthew Gravelyn, as adapted for the Old World

SUN AM (10am-2pm)

The Hateful Dead
GM: Rob Rees

Rogues and scoundrels gather in the Punctured Goblin inn high in the Silverfall Hills, unaware that their scheming and betrayals will soon fall under the shadow of the dread Lichmaster and his undead hordes. Unite or die!

Kreigsmesser, involves PvP

Rise of the Ratmen
GM: Steve Ellis (5 player game)

The Horned Rat calls it’s children to rise up and claim the lands of Men and Dwarfs! Play the fractious Clan-Lords of the Skaven as you plot the ruination of the lands above and unleash the tide of squeaking, scrabbling vermin against your enemies!

System will probably be a variant on Cold City/Hot War (Similar to the Karl Franz is Dead! Game)

Chaos in the Old World (Boardgame)
Facilitator: Toby Pilling

Chaos in the Old World makes you a god. Each god’s distinctive powers and legion of followers grant you unique strengths and diabolical abilities with which to corrupt and enslave the Old World.
• Khorne, the Blood God, the Skulltaker, lusts for death and battle.
• Nurgle, the Plaguelord, the Father of Corruption, luxuriates in filth and disease.
• Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, the Great Conspirator, plots the fate of the universe.
• Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure and Pain, the Lord of Temptations, lures even the most steadfast to his six deadly seductions.
Yet, as you and your fellow powers of Chaos seek domination by corruption and conquest, you must vie not only against each other, but also against the desperate denizens of the Old World who fight to banish you back to the maelstrom of the Realm of Chaos.
Chaos in the Old World features three ways to win, and gives you an unparalleled opportunity to reshape the world in your image. Every turn, you corrupt the landscape, dominating its inhabitants, and battle with the depraved followers of rival gods. Each god has a unique deck of gifts and abilities, and can upgrade their followers into deadly foes. Summon forth living manifestations of Chaos, debased and hidden cultists, and the horrifying greater daemons - beings capable of destroying near everything in their path.

Multi-player boardgame published by Games Workshop

SUN PM (3pm-7pm)

We have several attendees only coming on Saturday and a few less GMs this weekend, so the afternoon ‘graveyard’ shift on Sunday will involve boardgames for those who do not wish to simply repair to the pub, or head home early.
twisted moon
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Got my preferences in.
the dark knight of the twisted moon
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That was a delightful series of games. Cheers all, GM's and players alike.

Started the weekend as a beggar, in Tilea. We all were. With different previous careers and reasons for ending up members of our beggars guild.
A mix of shennanigans ensued. Friendly Shallyans, an unfriendly Sigmarite with a brutal warhammer, a little nurgle cult, and a crime family moving in. And it being Dark Knight's game I was killed in the epilogue.
A highlight has to be Michael missing how our beggars' methods were adopted and not permanent, so we were all treated to several gems of his characters' lunacy.

Went all Veneran in the afternoon. Got to play a young devoted knight. In the aftermath of the Beast in Velvet novel we were part of a quorum to ascetain whether the three schools of agitators and rioters had any merits to consider. Realised the criminals stories did create a bigger picture, one that wasn't merely chaotic with a small c, but a big spiky capital C.
Enjoyed our watchman exploring a community liasson role, our lawyer being particularly loquacious, and my own knight being foiled by a belligerant teen who wouldn't call for his mum.

Sunday, became a halfling. In a fast and furious take on carting among our family. My lad being named Ringo, leant into the Beatles and realised I didn't know as much of their discography for pun potential as I would have thought.
It felt like every scene was a highlight. Quite Cannonball Run in the comedic antics and ineptitude of the law. Until Mad Maximillian turned up, in a Steam Tank.
A gleefully joyous experience.

Thank you all for a thoroughly invigorating gaming experience.
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Toby Pilling
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Well, despite having to reduce the amount of games on both days because of late drop-outs amongst players, I had a great time. Dark Knight's 'The Prince is Lost' was my first game and I found the setting in a beggar court very interesting, as were the plot lines. Unfortunately we weren't able to explore them fully because a sudden monetary windfall persuaded many of the party to head for the hills with their loot. That was a shame because I always enjoy investigating plots and feel almost duty bound to explore as fully as possible the GM's creation. Ah well.

In the afternoon slot I played Dave's 'The Creeping that came to the Konigplatz' which soon turned into a full on investigative scenario, enlivened by Dan's perfect portrayal of a fastidious lawyer. We solved the mystery with aplomb!

On the Sunday, I ended the convention depicting the leader of Clan Eshin in Steve Ellis' game 'Rise of the Ratmen'. In it, we were working to bring out the downfall of the races of the Old World and achieve the dominion of the Skaven. I really enjoyed playing my character - perhaps too much - but the betrayals were flying thick and fast in a player versus player game where one couldn't take the backstabbing too personally. Great game.

Many thanks to all the players and GMs that attended. Here's looking forward to next year!

twisted moon
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already extensive coverage of my game on saturday morning, so i won't say much else other than i was happy enough with the way it ended (only half an hour early) and was pleased that at least one player fully explored the guild articles i had drawn up.
my afternoon game was 'sommerfest kids' in which i played the bright but rebellious one, working at the merchants guild for the duration of the festival. I was very goal focussed and achieved my personal ambition very quickly, but things got out of hand when the popular girl and the jock decided to use the information to 'do crime' and ended up seriously assaulting my boss. that was not what my character had signed up for so he bailed at that point, sped on his way by the consistent bullying he had received.
rise of the ratmen was my sunday morning game, in which i represented the might of clan skryre. alas, my machinations came to nought and the clan was reduced to a rump by the end of the game.
I then headed out across london for an extended sojourn in the south-east, only returning home late last thursday.
the dark knight of the twisted moon
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