Wheeze of Chaos: 10 updated documents

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A few months ago, I updated 10 documents on my WFRP website but I've been through a rough patch since then so... voilà!

  • Martyrs of the Great Deflagration (Adventures)
  • Imperial Court in 2512-22 (Background)
  • Werecreatures in WFRP1x (Bestiary)
  • GM's screen for WFRP1x (Game aids)
  • Players' screen for WFRP1x (Game aids)
  • Melee weapons for WFRP1x (Game aids)
  • Ranged weapons for WFRP1x (Game aids)
  • Test modifiers labels: describing test difficulty & narrating their results (Handouts)
  • Runefangs: definitive guide to the Imperial provinces' badges of office (Magic)
  • Rawhide: expanded rules for riding horses (Rules)
Feedback and/or questions are welcome!

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Thanks for the effort, work and sharing :)
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