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The enemy lurks in shadows
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I am running EiR and unclear if the "9 Eyes" are commonly known as the 9 Eyes.

The only mention on them prev is in THR in a crypric decoded message.

Am unclear how a proactive party would recognise them for what they are early on of they are not know as the 9 Eyes.

Anyone able to clarify?
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My reading was that it would be a bit of an edge case for the players to even determine the existence of the 9 eyes, let alone their identities. However, by the final scene, it starts to read as though this is a higher probability.

The only section that gives you much is if the characters choose to investigate castle Reikguard. They may have more than one reason to do this. It's possible to suspicious of some findings there without necessarily pursuing the 9 eyes.
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Yep. Sort of past this now.

Gave them a difficult (-20) Int test to recall that the phrase 9 Eyes was mentioned in a decoded message ages ago but theyre not sure what t9 do with the info really and arent really down with murdering geriatric tutors without any evidence.
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The whole '9 Eyes' thing kind of feels like an underdeveloped afterthought of a plot.
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