New miracles afteer changing career

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Hi. I'm new both here and with warhammer fantasy rpg and wanted to ask about the invocation talent. I understand that you can't acquire new talents in your old careers. But you certainly can continue to use old ones So, miracles aren't really talents, you just can buy them if you have the right talent. Can you still buy them after changing your career to a different not priestly one? Thank you.
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Orin J.
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if you're still following the requirements of your priestly job (meaning you aren't pissing off your faith) i don't see why you couldn't add new miricles by following the rules. that said, RAW doesn't actually give you any idea one way or the other, so your GM will have to have the final say.
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Broadly agree with Orin J.

If it was my game I would rule that it was linked to how closely the character was still fulfilling the role of a priest.

A Priest of Ranald could mechanically change career to Thief but still very much be a priest of Ranald.

Equally a priest of Ulric could probably change career to Soldier without it impacting his public persona too much.

A Priest of Sigmar changing to Boatman wouldn't be against his faith as such but it would feel strange and be a bit of a head scratcher especially as to why he was still growing in faith and receiving new miracles.

Note: my comment is just from a GM moderation pov I think RAW the Sigmarite Boatman example probably could acquire miracles.
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Thanks for yours replies.
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I've jsut been reading the rules for this and I don't thinkt here is any reason why you couldn't spend your XP on new miracles once you have left the Priest career. You still have the talent so you can still buy them for XP.
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