Nurgle's COVID-19

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The COVID-19 epidemia is ravaging all countries or soon will do so. Certain items, such as disposable gloves and face masks, can be unavailable here or there.

My question is: does any forumite desperately need these, but can't get hold of them?

I can post some for free to a person who lives in the continental part of Europe. (Letters and parcels are currently transported only by car.) Strike-to-Stunners live all over the world so even closure of borders should not be a major problem if others are willing to help.

I am sorry but, for the obvious reason, I will not send any items to a StS user who registered after I had posted this offer on the forum.
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Orin J.
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good on you for doing this. i'm not in the area (and honestly ended up with a stockpile before this all happened so i REALLY don't need 'em) but i hope you're able to help some of the lads in a time of need.
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I was surprised it took this long for a Nurgle reference.

I'm good, but this is very charitable of you!
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