Adapting 40K scenarios/campaigns to WFRP

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Has someone attempted to port or adapt scenarios/campaigns from WH40K RPGs (i.e., Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Only War, Black Crusade) to WFRP (any edition)?
Which scenarios did you port? How? Was it difficult? How much success did you achieve? Please tell me your experience!
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Orin J.
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40k is wildly hyperbolic compared to fantasy, you can't really translate 40k reasoning over to fantasy and have it make any sense. if you wanted to cross something over you'd be better off asking about them specifically to find out if there's anything that can be salvaged than floating it as a vaugery.
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No concrete plans but loose plans to turn the "Haarlock Legacy" into a story about Tilean, or Estalian, explorers and the "Chaos Commandment" into a story about the Cult of Sigmar, Volkmar the Grim, Esmer, Luthor Huss and the like.

I don't have more concrete examples but since I really like the topic of this thread I'll add some more stuff.

In my opinion its rather important to see the main story and conflict behind the details if you want to convert between settings, and use stand-ins that can fullfill the correct tasks in the story. So don't even bother to try and translate every single NPC, encounter, location etc. as close as possible but try to see the moving parts behind the up-front details such and use Fantasy parts that can do the work in the story.

Hell, I've been thinking of converting Astartes Chapters into Fantasy. And If found that different Chapters works well with different conversions. For example the Black Templars work well as Sigmarite knights or even a lionized collection of flagellant bands, the Carchadons as a militant cult of Stromfels and so on.

I think that preserving the key themes and feels of a 40k element is more important when bringing them over rather than try to find a fit for all or worry about getting every little detail exactly like the original when doing an adaption.
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