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Richard Halliwell

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 11:54 am
by Wolf
I see Graeme Davies has posted that Richard Halliwell has died.

He was a titan of games design for GW, including working on WFRP, and an important figure in creating the Warhammer World.

Re: Richard Halliwell

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 2:52 pm
by Jadrax
He more or less wrote the rules for the first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, so yes he was pretty important.

Also he did Space Hulk, which I played a lot.

Re: Richard Halliwell

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 3:05 pm
by Herr Arnulfe
Very sad news. Halliwell was one of the greats. I loved Dark Future and always thought it could've been adapted to an RPG.

Re: Richard Halliwell

Posted: Tue May 04, 2021 2:26 pm
by Rangdo
Aw, dammit. :(

Re: Richard Halliwell

Posted: Wed Aug 04, 2021 4:47 am
by satakuua
Well, damn :(

Had not heard.

Re: Richard Halliwell

Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2021 3:28 pm
by Visitor Q
I'm very late to post this tribute but Richard Halliwell was a great games designer.

Not WFRP, but he wrote Slaughter Margin a Judge Dredd RPG scenario. I played this. It was amazing.

RIP Mr Halliwell. I hope you're writing and designing in the great beyond.