WFRP4's Altdorf vs. WFRP2's Altdorf

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Hi, I'm planning to run Paths of the Damned (WFRP2) and then TEW (WFRP4). So, I'm wondering whether Altdorf's description in "Spires of Altdorf" for WFRP2 is in any fundamental way inconsistent with its description in "Altdorf Crown of the Empire" for WFRP4.
Of course several things'll be different, due to the Tide of Chaos in WFRP2, and I'm prepared to adapt the information in either adventure to account for this discrepancy. However, I just want to know if running SoA mostly as written could cause problems regarding Altdorf's layout and key places later, when running TEW, and Enemy in Shadows in particular.
Can anyone comment on this issue?
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One issue that immediately occurs to me is that WFRP 2 is set chronogically later than TEW. This could require some work on your part.
Herr Arnulfe
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The most significant change for SoA would be the locations of the Colleges of Magic, which are no longer scattered around the city but instead grouped together in a single district. Otherwise some of the SoA locations are given even more detail in the Altdorf book.
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Thanks Herr Arnulfe and Wolf, very appreciated!
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Like Arnulfe wrote Colleges of Magic are only issue. The timeline is actually good thing. Look in real world. Cities are rebuild, some old buildings collapse some are rebuild or even grow bigger - it is very good for implementations of rumors (example: "hey, see this old ruined building it was a tavern of Bugensdwarf very famous in this part. Now only shadow of past glory"). As Gm You will have enough information for You need to mashup it for Your desire. Remeber Altdorf isnt called Labyrynthian without reason :)
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