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The last month I tried to follow the Twitter/Intagram hastag of #inktober, one ink drawing per day following a set of themes.
All my images tried to be set on a WFRP or similar setting. Quality and techinque varies acording to my schedule, no post-processing done other than basic scanning using a phone app.
If you want to use them in any RPG adventure web or document just ask and I'll try to provide a better quality version for you.

PS: I missed the penultimate day "Catch" theme.

https://pacomiscelaneousstuff.blogspot. ... tober.html

A sample of them, for all other just follow the link.
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Good work, I whish i could draw :(
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Nice work! :)
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Orin J.
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fine job. bit awkwardly handled in regards to conveying movement, but that happens to everyone.
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