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Hello, all!

A year ago I co-founded an indie studio called Rookery Publications with fellow WFRP veterans Andy Law, Mark Gibbons, Lindsay Law, and Andy Leask. We all met while working on WFRP 4, but we've all been around the industry for a while. We are working on a range of system-agnostic roleplaying adventures, bestiaries, and locations, designed to work with any system including any edition of WFRP. You can cherry-pick the bits that work best for your campaign, or they all go together to form our epic campaign and setting, "The Coiled Crown". Our first product is playtested and currently in production.

We also do weekly streams with guests from all over the industry, including WFRP and GW personalities like James "Barge Sinker" Wallis, Chris Pramas (2nd edition), Jay Little (3rd edition), and Marc Gascoigne (Fighting Fantasy, Black Library, and now Aconyte), and we have more great guests lined up over the next few months. Most steams are freely available, though once in a while we do something special for our Patreon patrons - like my recent masterclass in designing multi-plot adventures like "A Rough Nights at the Three Feathers". Today (Saturday Nov 6) we are doing a birthday stream to celebrate one year of Rooking. Join us live on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube (links below), or watch later. The festivities start at 7 pm UK time (8 pm CET, 3 pm Eastern, noon Pacific).

For more on the Rookery, check these links:




Twitter: @RookeryP


...and if you can, please support us on Patreon:

Thanks for your time, and enjoy!

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Really looking forward to seeing what you folks come up with.
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