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Capitaneus Fractus wrote:
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If I'm recalling correctly, the version of WFRP1 is also the WFB version... the WFB3's up to Warhammer Armies.
The version of Warhammer Armies, then, became WFRP2's... But WFB6 (or was it WFB7?) made Bretonnia grimmer and more perilous, firstly by showing how peasants are overburdened by Bretonnian's nobility; secondly by showing that Bretonnian's nobility is manipulated by Asraï and follow a false goddess.
Yeah, I simplified for the sake of throwing an example out there. And it definitely wasn't my intention to start up the old "which version of Bretonnia is best" discussion again. It would be good if C7 did something interesting mixing the old and the new, but I think we'll get the WFB6+. That's actually been the official canon version for longer than the Renaissance version ever was!
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Arthurian Bretonnia is the official Bretonnia, and that is what we will get. I doubt, that license even allows to change it radically.

But, like Capitaneus Fractus did mention, if the writers really want to go deeper and darker, and create little more corrupt Bretonnia, that is also possible with right type of mixing things. Slaanesh and Khorne cults fit pretty well there. Then there can easily be non-chaos corrupted "Black Knights", that are just plain evil and brutal, even otherwise doing their job and defending the realm (peasant offcourse might not think so). Knights of the Grail (WFRP2) already brought peasant resistance, undead have always been there, and then the Wood Elves...
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