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I have created a document to help me keep track of the various additional content released by Cubicle 7 for WFRP 4e. This is primarily so that when I am prepping as a GM i can scan through the list and see what Bestiary monsters and magic items are available to put in to play and which new spells and talents I can offer to the players and so forth. Regardless, Fasterthanjesus suggested that other GMs might find this document useful, so I'm posting it up! I've made some subjective decisions about categorisation, but it should be pretty easy for you to recategorise for yourself if you use it.

So far it includes up to Power Behind the Throne Companion, and I'll update as I read through newer releases.

Hope you find it useful!

https://docs.google.com/document/d/19c1 ... sp=sharing

1/11/21 Feast of Blood added
18/11/21 No Strings Attached and Horned Rat added
1/12/21 The Horned Rat Companion added
17/12/21 Empire in Ruins added
9/1/22 Archives of the Empire vol.2 added
13/01/22 Blood and Bramble and Hirelings of the Old World added
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Thanks. It definitely looks useful and may well help me out when putting together my TEW campaign next year!
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Next year is when I hope to get TEW rolling as well! :)
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Thanks for sharing!
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