Your best WFRP experience?

The enemy lurks in shadows
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What is your best WFRP (any edition) experience? Either as GM or player. Be it a single scenario, scene or a grand campaign.

Mine is my current adventure (as GM) with a small group of river criminals, who are going to Bögenhafen to scam their way into a certain inheritance.
Starting in Nuln, with an actionpacked Oldenhaller Contract, they sailed to Altdorf, where they got into hillarious conflicts. In one instance kicking in every door in an appartment complex's ground level, before realising that their target was long gone. The result was some very upset tennents and watchmen, and a narrow escape.
In a later riot, the shadow wizard cast "petty curse: Spontanious Erection" on a man who assaulted him, thus getting the miscreant arrested for lewd behavior.
I can't wait for them to fool around in the seedy underbelly of Bögenhafen. The spindliest of the PCs has already bested champion wrestler Crusher Braugen, by afflicting him with a magically induced dizzyness before their fight.
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The first time I got to run a group of players through an adventure that I wrote.

I'm trying to write it out for sharing here, but I can't seem to agree on a format that I like that would be helpful to the reader.
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The players taking a contract to sink a mercenary captain's boat (by a rival mercenary crew) and discovering not only were they pawns in a plot to assassinate an Elector Count but the mercenary captain was an Ogre... hilarity ensued.
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