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How come the Wizard’s Apprentice career gets the Channeling skill and the Aethyric Attunement talent?
They only cast Perty Magic, which all gave a CN of 0.

Wouldn’t it be better to give them Instinctive Diction at that career level?

Am I missing something obvious?
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I'd say Instinctive Diction is too powerful to have from the beginnings. And with Aetheric attunement, you're ready to channel when you become a proper Wizard.
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Fair enough, although the apprentice would be spending XP on a talent that they can’t use until they are a wizard, and at that point will be unable to put any more points into it.
It seems counter intuitive.
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Channeling is a skill, so you can still put points into it following progression.

I think this is as Shambler says, taking Aetheric Attunement is a bit like a necessary skill to progress.

I do agree that the Wizard Career is a bit top heavy, but if we think of an apprentice as being like a student, it's necessary to obtain certain skills before graduating.
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Yeah, it's intentional. You're supposed to stock up on AA at Tier 1 before progressing. Though, TBF, you can ignore Channelling and AA, and still do just fine. It's a better idea to stack Advantage from Dart and then use that to drop a big whammy at the end.

Someone wrote a whole article on the problem of Channelling here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fFO ... p=drivesdk
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I'm thinking of making a houserule in my games: Succesful chanelling test = +1 advantage.

As they state in the rulebook: If you think a rule/ skill/ talent is funky, just change it. I do it regularly when GMing.
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Absolutely! Only thing I'd suggest with houserules like this is be collaborative with all the players for a few sessions to see how it beds in. Make sure you talk to the wizard so they know that if its not quite working you'll change it again.

With magic in Warhammer this is easily done as you can just frame it as the Winds of Magic blowing strongly.

In fact you could even work that into the game. Perhaps the College of the Lore of Heavens declares a mighty storm front blowing in from the North. All across the Empire more mutants are born, the beastmen are more ferocious and wizards are more easily able to access their power.

If the rule doesn't work out or needs tweaking, well then there's a new forecast!
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Yes, exactly. I always discuss the magic houserules with my Wizard players first. This way they can offer up input as well.
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