WFRP Starter Set characters - XP query

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I just got the WFRP starter set and have been casually leafing through it, and I noticed that the pregen characters seem to be far more powerful than your average starting character.
Is this supposed to be the case? Do they have a significant amount of XP already applied to their stats and skills?

My wife suggested not as the wizard only has the 3 starting Petty Magic spells, but then how does he have 3 Characteristics in the 40's and several awesome skills?

If they are experienced adventurers, is there an explanation as to how much XP they have? If I used the Ubersreik setting for a bunch of new characters it would be useful to know what XP level the books are aimed at.

I couldn't find any obvious explanation for this anywhere, but I may have missed it in my haste to speedread the books.
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They all have 2,200 XP. It's on the character sheets.
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I’m going insane as I can’t see any XP listed on any of the character sheets.
These sheets look awesome but they also appear to be missing things. Where are the advanced skills for example?
Also, how come Ferdinand only has petty magic spells and not spent any XP on getting any of the better talents for a wizard?

Makes me wonder whether there are multiple versions of the character sheets.
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As far as I know, the starter set only includes petty magic rules. That's why Ferdinand has petty magic spells only.
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They issued a set of character sheets on PDF that can be downloaded from DriveThruRPG, which state they have 2200 experience. I don't think the physical copies (certainly the ones in the version of the starter set I have) contain that information. I also know that these incosistencies have been brought up here before.
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Ah, that makes sense.
Off to D/L those characters now.
Cheers all.
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