Resolve/fortune avaible points and maximum pool.

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Hi. I have another rule question that is bugging my group. This time it is about spending resilience/fate. I understand that when you spend 1 fate, your fortune max lowers by 1and when you spend resilience your resolve maximum goes down by 1. But your avaible fortune/ resolve is immediatly reduced? For example: I have resiliance and resolve 3 and spend 1 point of resiliance: my avaible resolve does immediatly become 2 or just after I use 1 point ? Thank you.
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I would think that the it would reduce immediately as you only have access to the fortune points due to your Fate Points.
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fortune/ resolve is measured by fate / resilience. if the parent stat lowers, the child stat is lowered accordingly at the same time. you cannot have a "buffer" of fortune points left over from missing fate points, because you recalculate the fortune points every scene or use of a fate point.
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