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Unusual Learning
It is one thing to pick up a Skill that can be readily practised, quite another to learn something for which one may have no aptitude at all. This Endeavour allows you to attempt to learn a Talent outside of your Career. There is no guarantee this attempt will be successful, meaning there is a good chance you will fail to learn the Talent you hope to acquire, expending XP and money to no avail. You can only learn a Talent if you have an appropriate tutor. In most big cities, this will not be a problem, but if the Talent is particularly obscure, or you are far from a large city, the GM may require you complete a Consult an Expert Endeavour first.

Are there any Limitation on what Talent you can train other than needing to find a trainer?

Seem to me this is shortcut in getting powerful talent that would usually require you to climb up a career to get to.
Being able to picking "Ripost" or "Furious assault" at level during your first career sounds crazy to me.
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It is intended as a shortcut for getting a talent you might want to get without spending a long time climbing a career tree you aren't interested in.

it's kind of important to understand that while the trappings of the career system still exist, 4th edition's system is much more freeform in it's underlying system and doesn't really function in the same way. it very heavily relies on the GM to make calls balancing what the player is asking to do with their plans for the game in the short- and long-terms.
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We have been using multiple endeavours to get training...

First, if you don't know the right trainer to start with, you spend an endeavour and make a Gossip Test and find a trainer.

Then you spend another endeavour and make a attribute test to start to learn the talent, or make a skill test if you have an appropriate skill. This vaguely limits characters to talents in their specific areas of expertise. We have been buying talents over multiple endeavours too, just to get some story and leverage out of it. So far no XP penalty, just the failed roll only lets you spend only 10XP towards the total, so slow progress on talents in areas you have bad stats in.
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