Gnome warrior priests

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Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:09 pm

Has anyone run one yet? Still learning the edition and trying to imagine how they would work. Sorry if this is the wrong section I'm new.
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Orin J.
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haven't gotten the rules for gnomes in 4th, (i don't see any group i play with moving to it from 2nd) but as far as running them as warrior priests, remember that 4th is playing a little loose with how careers are approached lorewise. normally warrior priests are a quirk of the sigmarite faith, and gnomes would not so highly venerate a human god. (given their place in the warhammer world being "on the verge of not existing" they don't quite venerate their own gods very much!) if i was GMing i'd encourage a reroll.

If you REALLY want to play them, i would say to take the Don Quixote approach and have a gnome that has a few very dedicated confusions about both their life and it's place in the scriptures of their god of choice and let the world at large treat him like the little nutbag he apparently is. Taal, Sigmar, and Myrmandia are all good choices for you to "champion" as they're either the "lead from the front" sort of gods or in Taal's case kind of a cranky reactionary sort.
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That's a good idea. I might do something like that.
Jareth Valar
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Careers are set up with racial norms (Dwarf only for Slayer, etc) but mentions that those races are the ones typical to those careers. The only flat out banned is Dwarf spellcaster as Magic Resistance negates the ability to cast anything and Gnome Wizards choosing any wind other than Ulgu (Grey wind/Illusion) that I have found so far. Most also wouldn't allow a non Dwarf to be a Slayer but nothing definitively forbidding it.

Also, if you are rolling a career, the only careers the dice will give you are the typical, so only a Human can roll Warrior Priest, only a Dwarf can roll Slayer, etc. If choosing? That's between you and the GM/Player.

As for what Orin mentioned 4th mentions several Human deities that have Warrior Priests (Sigmar, Morr, Verena, Taal, etc). I don't remember the Gnomish deities off the top of my head, but there might be one that fits if it's that important. One other option it to just play a Priest and take a side jaunt to a Warrior carer for a bit when/if the story allows.
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