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Hi folks,

My first post :-)

Can anyone tell me just how many spells a Wizard's Apprentice with the Petty Magictalent will have in their Grimoires?

Let's assume he/she has a Willpower bonus of 3.

The reference on page 238 does say that the wizard's master will add 4-6 spells to the Grimoire but that text is boxed in the same way as an optional rule. I think I can work that out so it's the number of Petty Metic spells that confuses me and how that number can be increased. Even after the errata I remain somewhat baffled.

Many thanks
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Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:56 pm

The grimore isn't related to petty magic, it's spells for when they gain the arcane lore talent and it's entirely up to the GM. Note that just taking the talent itself doesn't teach you any spells, so you should point that out ahead of time. A grimore is effectively the spells he'll be able to learn without a teacher on the road.

Your petty magic spells don't have to be recorded in their grimore and thus aren't. They can cast them regardless, and they get their willpower bonus in spells for taking the talent.

Since i figure this will come up next, you only count spells you already have for figuring out how much taking a new spell costs so the next spell he buys will be at the "willpower bonus x1" cost, since that's how many he has without going over.
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