Resources for adding Steampunk elements?

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Dr. Vril
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Hi I’m returning to Warhammer FRP—I last ran a campaign in 1990 (!). I’m looking to add some steampunk/industrial era technology to the Enemy Within Campaign before I run it—nothing too ambitious, I’m thinking Airships and Trains really. Yes I can cobble something together but I’m wondering if this has already been done, anywhere, so looking for suggestions. :D
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I would be very interested in this as well *hoping someone has some material on this*.
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I believe the suggestion was to look at Main Gauche from the Zweihander system. However, I cannot vouch for that since I have not read it.
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sx dwarf
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The last two volumes of TEW are heavy on the steampunk elements.
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Main Gauche has suggestions for "Fantastic Machines", but no rules as such - you have to collaborate with the GM to create them using the Crafting rules. And the assumption is that they work on Zweihander's equivalent of warpstone, so not sure how useful that would be for converting to WFRP anyway.
Jack Ketch
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Without delving into spoilers, The Horned Rat and The Horned Rat Companion have all kinds of goodies waiting to be re-skinned.
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