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Fillable NPC Records PDF?

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 12:06 am
by Hedge_Knight_79
Looking around the web lately, I've found so many great fan-made utilities that I didn't have back when I was younger. However, one thing keeps eluding me and I thought if anyone could help me they'd be here:

Is there a fillable PDF for simple NPCs based on the old NPC record sheet found in the 2nd ed GM Pack that fit four NPC records? Or really any good fillable NPC PDF that I can organize stats for multiple NPCs on a single 8.5"×11" sheet?

I already found a great site for generating complex human, dwarf, elf, or Skaven NPtoCs. What I'm looking for is something to help organize profiles for creatures, monsters, greenskins, etc. that I copy from the Bestiary when I'm prepping encounters. I just find keying values in faster.

If no such tool exists, I can probably make my own but thought I'd see if it did.

Thanks for any help you can give me!