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Party from just one player

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2021 4:30 am
by Drop Bear
My old 2e GM just handed me a folder containing the starting versions of most of the characters I used in his games and not doubling up I could put together three or four well balanced groups, I've dug out their folios and am amazed at how well they would fit together even as they progressed, some I wouldn't want to drop in to groups they weren't part of.

some of my favorites are
a Barber (the son of a Solider & a Priestess) who after working up to Physician (by Apothecary, Tradesman & Student) joined the Temple of Shallya, when he finished up he was bouncing around Anointed Priest collecting lots of spells
A Student (son of a Solider and a Gentile Lady) ended up as an Artillery Captain
A Hedge Wizard (Daughter of a Wizard & Hedge wizard), after studying hedge craft before getting shanghaied in to Wizardry, but never went passed Apprentice and snuck off to go back to Hedge craft, technically a Witch (no Dark Magic) so she can pass her self off as a inept Jade Wizard Journeyman
A Smuggler that bounced around a bunch of basic careers before ending up as a Merchant

I'll post more later

Re: Party from just one player

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2021 5:48 am
by Drop Bear
one character that wouldn't cross over is Elsbeth, she a Diestro is the daughter of an Imperial Noble and an Estalian Noblewoman (we figure Dad was a Diplomat who married a local girl wile on assignment).

despite having more than enough cash she couldn't find a Horse or Mail or Pistols all through her first Career, the GM even let me back fill all the optional Talants to give me the opportunity to find the gear for Protagonist or Duelist, but she did have a Best Leather Jack, Best Quality Gauntlet (in place of knuckle dusters), Best Buckler, so she went Body Guard, still SOL on finding a Pistol she did find a Good suit of Mail and a broken down nag that she had to shoot the 2nd adventure in to her Protagonist career (she had looted a Poor quality pistol that blew up in the hand and killed a visiting PC a few adventures later) before finally making Duelist.

she was in a Platonic Battle Couple with a Noble turned Cadet, turned Pistolier and finally Dullest