How long does it take for Elves to physically and mentally mature?

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I am currently running a campaign with an Elf character in it, and in the interest of flushing him out, I have decided to roll a few dice to determine the elfs age, coming up with a three—this is 30 for reference, though I cannot imagine him being physically mature at this age, nevermind mentally, and from the material and fluff I have read, it has only complicated the matter somewhat. So, hence the following question: how long does it take for Elves to physically and mentally mature? canonically (with a reference if you can so I can read up on it for myself), for I would like to cleave as close to the lore as possible. Thank you for you time, it is appreciated.
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I would add in a third category: Emotionally Mature.

Here's how I would break it down:
Physically Mature: Fullness of bodily growth and sexually capable of reproduction and generally surviving gestating a baby to term (for females), in humans it's about 15-18. For elves, I would say it's about 18-20.
Mentally Mature: Capable of absorbing wide fields of knowledge as for a profession (after an apprenticeship, so journeyman and above) , knowing everything they need to live independently and support themselves/family (as appropriate): Humans seem to get to this point around 18-25ish (whether that's cultural or biological is a different conversation) with modern humans seeming to be on the later end of that spectrum. I would put elves in the 20-35 range for this.
Emotionally Mature: Governing emotions/impulses, identifying (and dealing with) sources of emotions, and arranging their life so as to minimize/negate influences that significantly impair mental health. I would put humans in the 20-30 range here. Elves would be in the 80-100 range.

As a long winded add-on to my last point, I think it's helpful to to first categorize what your take, as a GM, is on Elven Immortality. I don't think it's ever directly addressed for WFRP (that I've seen), but the question boils down as so: Are WFRP elves (like Tolkien) effectively immortal? IE, their body won't age/decay and then die naturally, but it can be slain physically or emotionally (by despair, loss of hope) and that there is no real upper limit on how long an Elf could live? How much (if at all) do their bodies slow down as they age? Or do elves have a natural lifespan? Because how Elves die, and see approaching natural death, and deal with the limitations of old age, compared with the vigor of youth is going to play a HUGE part of an Elf's Emotional and Mental maturity. Of course there is no right or wrong answer, but I have found it helpful as I have thought about this same question.
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I appreciate your insight thus far.

As for my opinion on Elven immortality is concerned, they are not immortal, or more colloquially, are mortal immortals, which have a lifespan of around 1000 years as explicitly stated in the wiki on the High Elves (with some living far longer by magical means, such as Malekith and Morathi), which I use to supplimant the lore detailed in the various rule books. Emotional stability is absolutely the reason why I am seeking this question more then anything else, however, because that is of utmost importance given the nature and inherent vulnerabilities of their psychology. A elf reaching physical maturity in roughly the same timeframe as a human makes little sense in the context of basic biology, but I do recall reading about that somewhere, but as of now, I cannot remember.
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For me I think there is a comparative element to this.

By elf standards an elf may take 80 or 90 years or longer to reach full mental and emotional maturity.

By human standards an elf would seem fully mentally and emotionally mature within the same time frame as they do (20-30 years).

But that's because humans are more impulsive and less mentally capable than a fully matured elf.

Hence why elven adventurers lean towards the younger side of things.
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