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by Seagoat777
Mon Apr 13, 2020 4:30 am
Forum: Fan-made Material
Topic: WFRP Easter Bunny
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WFRP Easter Bunny

After some chocolate fuelled Easter hallucinations I came up with the Pflugzeit Hare for your games.
pflugzeit hare - v2.pdf
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by Seagoat777
Sun May 05, 2019 8:52 am
Forum: Sigmar’s Tavern
Topic: Town garrison/militia, and WFB
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Re: Town garrison/militia, and WFB

I've ran a couple of skirmishes and battles involving the party before, both in 1e and 2e. Firstly, the party were not in command, although they tended to ignore the chain of command and do things their own way :shock: The battles were abstract, and whilst I relied on dice rolls for some specific ou...
by Seagoat777
Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:10 pm
Forum: Den of Tzeentch
Topic: Welcome!
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Re: Welcome!

Hi! Thanks for setting this up. With the imminent demise of my much loved StS I wasn't sure where I was going to get some (sensible) discussion on WFRP. As soon as I learned StS was not going to hold out much longer, I joined reddit as a backup just to keep me in the discussion loop. I have been fol...